We have used many different taps over the years and decided to make our own.  These taps work great for hanging buckets with lids.  The lip for hanging is close to the end and provides ample space for the rim of the bucket between the lip of the tap and the tree.  In order to utilize a lid you will need to drill a 3/4" hole near the top of your bucket. 

If you do not use a lid, they work equally well for hanging buckets by the handle or even hanging bag brackets.

Some newer designed taps are rather skinny and only require a 5/16" hole to be drilled in the tree.  While this seems like it may be better for the tree, it creates some complications with clogging.  If your drilled hole has any sawdust left in it, it can potentially clog your tap.  The old style taps required a 7/16" bit which is a little on the large size.  These taps fall right in between, requiring a 3/8" hole.  This helps prevent clogging but also allows a speedy recovery for the tree.

These taps are made from 304 stainless steel and will last a lifetime.........or two.  

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Silver Creek Stainless Steel Taps-10 pack

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